Power Hydro Chuck Series

PHC-A Power Hydro Chuck

The allrounder with large clamping range and wide range of applications: drilling, reaming, milling with high precision.

Clamping range:
Ø 3,0 – 32,0 mm

Runout accuracy:
0,003 mm | 4xd

  • 30 % higher clamping forces compared to conventional Hydraulic Holders
  • large clamping range due to straight collets
  • Great clamping flexibility due to reducing sleeves and stable concentricity
  • quick and easy tool clamping

PHC-H Highpressure Hydro Chuck

PHC-H Highpressure Hydro Chuck combines in a unique way high clamping forces, high radial rigidity and optimal vibration dampening. Preferred area of application: medium to heavy milling with high surface quality.

extreme clamping force:
Ø 32: 2000 Nm

Runout accuracy:
0,003 mm | 4xd

  • high stability due to reinforced body
  • special hydraulic systems absorbs vibrations
  • heavy milling, trochoidal milling